INFER Workshop on Heterodox Economics

Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra, Portugal
17-18 April, 2015


Faculty of Economics at the University of Coimbra

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Accepted Papers


  Authors Title e-mail Institution
1 Zarau wendeline Kibwe Dynamic effects of Monetary Policy on Output in East Africa: evidence from SVAR with sign restrictions National Graduate Institute for Policy studies, Tokyo
2 Paulo Ferreira and Andreia Dionisio Revisiting Covered interest parity in the European Union: the DCCA approach Universidade de Evora, Portugal
3 Muhammad Khan Output growth variability and the foundations of optimal inflation rate in European economies Orleans Universtity, France
4 Arslan Razmi The limits to wage-led growth in a low-income economy University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
5 Salem Kanoun Authorities` ability and willingness to adjust and political transition. A quantitative approach with an application to Tunisia   University of Tunisia
6 João Sousa Andrade and António Portugal Growding-in and Crowding-out effects of public investments in the Portuguese economy FEUC-Portugal
7 Virmantas Kvedaras Macroeconomic borrowing constraint and regime switches in exogenous growth dynamics Vilnius University, Lithuania
8 Cândida Ferreira The relevance of the EU banking sector to economic growth and the recent financial crises ISEG-Portugal
9 João Andrade, Adelaide Duarte and Marta Simoes A growth enhancing wealfare state?Comparing the impact of educationand health expendituresaccross countries FEUC-Portugal
10 Ejike Udeogu Revisiting the financial deepening-growth debate: An empirical investigation of the Nigerian economy, 1961-2010 University of East London
11 Florian Wendelspiess Chàvez Juárez The credit behaviour of households-a behavioral approach University of Geneva, Switzerland
12 Maria C. Pereira and Daniel F. Martins Education and subjective well-being in Portugal. A study of Mediating effects FEUC-Portugal
13 Helena Lopes The specificity of the employment relationship-Exploring the micro-foundations of the firm ISCTE-IUL-Portugal
14 Vitor Castro and Rodrigo Martins Political cycles and government expenditures: evidence from Portugal FEUC-Portugal
15 Daniele Girardi and Riccardo Pariboni Autonomous demand and economic growth: some empirical evidence University of Siena, Italy
16 Alberto Botta The macroeconomics of a Financial Dutch Disease University of Pavia, Italy
17 Laura Werner Hysteresis Nonlinearities in Exports: Evidence from European wine exports to the USA Giessen University, Germany
18 Alberto Botta, Eugenio Caverzasi and Daniele Tori Financial-real side interactions in the Monetary Circuit: Loving or Dangerous hugs? University of Pavia, Italy
19 Matthias Goecke and Jolita Matulaityte Modeling economic hysterisis losses caused by sunk adjustment costs Giessen University, Germany
20 Luca Agnello, Vitor Castro, João Jalles, Ricardo Sousa The hidden face of fiscal consolidation: Human Development is hurt FEUC-Portugal
21 Ricardo Barradas and Sérgio Lagoa Financialisation and the Portuguese real investment. A supportive or a disruptive relationship ISCTE-IUL-Portugal
22 Ricardo Barradas and Sérgio Lagoa The determinants of inequality on the Portuguese income distribution: the role of financialisation and other factors ISCTE-IUL-Portugal
23 Ildiko Virag Neumann and Peter Halmai Na analysis of EU enlargement with gravity model of trade University of Pannonia, Hungary
24 Giulia Pagliani Klein Geometry and ethical theories: invariances in equality spaces University of Rome, Italy
25 Pedro O. Pratas e Sousa A simple stock-flow consistent model of the Portuguese economy-preliminary results ISCTE-IUL-Portugal
26 Michael Ash, Deepanker Basu and Arindajit Dube Public Dept and Growth: Assessing key findings on causality and thresholds University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
27 João Rodrigues, Ana C.Santos,Nuno Teles Semi-Peripheral Financialisation: the case of Portugal FEUC-Portugal
28 Ricardo Cabral, F. Louça, E. Pires, P. Santos A sustainable program for the restructuring of Portuguese debt. ISEG/Ulisboa
29 Claude Berthomieu, Massimo Cingolani, Anastasia RI Investment Needs and Dept in the Westerns Balcans University of Nice, France
30 Carlos Garcimartin, Luis Rivas Business Cycles in a Balance-of-Payments constrained growth framework University of Salamanca, Spain
31 Ricardo Araujo and Carlos Drumond Evalutionary Dynamics in a two sector neo-kaleckian model of growth and distribution University of Brasilia, Brazil
32 Luis Lopes, Carlos Carreira Productivity Growth in Portuguese Manufacturing Sector FEUC-Portugal
33 Luis Lopes, Carlos Carreira Collecting new pieces to the regional knowledge spillovers puzzle: high-tech versus low-tech industries FEUC-Portugal
34 Pedro Cerqueira, L.Nhung, Portela sousa Business cycles and persistence on  wage dynamics FEUC-Portugal
35 Fethi Ayachi and Refk Sahui Forecasting Tunisian exchange rate volatility under crisis period: some evidence from myltivariate garch model University of Nice, France
36 Sara Ramos and Elias Soukiazis The structure of subjective well-being and its determinants: A micro-data study for Portugal FEUC-Portugal
37 Economic Growth and software piracy Nicolas Gomes, Pedro Cerqueira and Luis Almeida FEUC-Portugal